Nothing to say

I’ve barely been posting lately and I don’t really know why. Usually it’s a matter of me having tons of things to say, and only getting the opportunity to post about a quarter of them when I get the chance. There’s currently two posts in Draft that I want to finish up, but one is from about a month ago (about a couple movies I watched). I mean, I could mention the fun time I had at lunch on Friday at work (Sheela invited us all to an Indian restaurant for the Hindu Festival of Lights). There’s also the fact that Lisa and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary (more or less) with a wonderful dinner at Les Bisous that included very fresh drinks (a mango margarita for the lady, and a pomegranate cosmopolitan for myself). Actually, I probably should have mentioned that one earlier :grin:. Instead I’ll move onto the big weekend of shopping at BJ’s (where you buy Goldfish by the pound) and an overall fun win by my Birds.

The odd thing is, even though I’ve barely been posting (this will break my streak of 4 months with 13 days of posting), my stats are up this month. In the month of October, has already passed September’s total sites, kilobytes transferred, and pages, and will soon surpass visits, etc. It’s all very exciting for me. I think I might try to analyze my older log files, from before I had to rebuild thebox. It would be interesting to me, at least :grin:.

2 thoughts on “Nothing to say”

  1. I sometimes check back here 3 or 4 times a day if work is especially mind-numbing, and I’m looking for distractions at my friends’ journals and they’re not posting a lot 🙂 I’m doing what I can to boost your stats, and at the same time trying to blind myself to the reality that is my job this month.

  2. All I have to say is that those grins look a lot dumber than I thought (and maybe a tad effeminate). I guess 😀 is more emphatic than 🙂 .

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