We miss you too

On the day of his opening game as coach of the Detroit Pistons, the murmuring around Larry Brown reverted to his previous team, the Philadelphia 76ers. Asked why he left after six years, Brown told the Detroit Free Press: “I can’t coach assholes anymore, I guess.” You can bet that set real well with his little buddy Allen Iverson.

Thanks a lot Larry – and I used to think you were a class act. It’s amazing how much a scrawny little “thug” like AI constantly shows you up. I’m sure Detroit will really begin to appreciate you when you again fail to win an NBA title while surrounded by so much talent and threaten to quit at the end of every season.

2 thoughts on “We miss you too”

  1. You are a dumbass Larry Brown is the best coach ever Detroit would kill the 76ers

  2. Gee, thanks for the thoughtful insight there. And in case you didn’t notice, Detroit killed the Sixers last year in the playoffs even though the mighty Brown was still coaching them. Not that I would expect such a typical Internet moron such as yourself to be able to produce a factually based thought. I’d reserve that “Best Coach Ever” title until he finally manages to win a real title. And if he can’t even manage to do it with the team that Carlisle handed to him (after it was inauspiciously fired) then I truly doubt his abilities as a coach.

    I love it when people leave comments like this – they prove their own stupidity without any effort on my part.

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