Roughing the passer

My roommate Brian started an account with Gamefly to cut down on all the money he (we) spend on video games. So the first game I put on the queue was ESPN NFL 2k4. I really enjoyed 2k2, but 2k3 was nigh impossible on the PS2. I decided this time it would make sense to actually try it first. In spite of all of its faults, it’s still a damn fun game. Last weekend was the perfect example when Mike, Brian, his friend Derrick, and myself played against the computer, got out asses handed to us, and still managed to have a blast. Tonight I had a lot of fun unlocking some stupid things for “My Crib”, yet nothing pleases us more than injuring a player. On consecutive plays I managed to knockout the Patriots’ starting QB, Tom Brady, followed by his backup. It was awesome! I’ve saved the replays and now I just have to transfer them to a computer somehow.

As far as real football goes, I’m totaly psyched for tomorrow’s Eagles/Giants matchup and plan to root for the Birds all the way into first place. I also just got my first jersey the other day, so I get to cheer on my boy L.J. Smith – pictures will be taken soon.