The lesser of two lessers

While meandering across the vast wasteland of the Internet, I stumbled across a sports parody/humor site. The best comment came regarding an “incident” from last year between Carolina punter Todd Sauerbrun and the Flying Gramaticas:

Kicker and Punter Feud about to Explode
Carolina punter Todd Sauerbrun and the brothers/kickers Gramatica [Martin (Bucs) and Bill (Cards)] has escalated following post FG celebrations and now post game tauntings after their recent losses to the Bucs. Bucs Gramatica had to be restrained by his teammates from going after Sauerbrun following the game. When reached for comment, Sauerbrun said “He had everyone holding him back to make it look good. I don’t know who this kid thinks he’s playing with but I’m not the most mild-tempered guy. If he would have said the wrong thing to me there’s no telling what I might have done.”

Whatever it would have been, I’m not sure you should be scared of the punter, well, I guess, unless you’re a kicker.

It’s kinda like a fight breaking out between two golfers, and everybody else just turns back to the 19th Hole to knock back a couple G&T’s.