Still sick but at least I’m online

I ended up staying home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I was all set to go back in the way I felt Thursday night. Then I woke up Friday morning around 5 AM. I won’t give you the details, but there was no way I was going to work. That afternoon, however, I got a wonderful surprise from Lisa. She bought me a gift from and had it shipped directly to me so I got to spend the rest of my day building my new toy:
The dark side of Legos

Today she’s risking life and limb to spend time with me (oh yeah, and her heat went off last night so she’s stuck here 🙂 ) and make me soup. Not that she really minds having SSX3 readily available to her:
I don't know how she plays with the controller out so far

I don’t know what’s making my stomach feel worse: this virus, or waiting for my Birds to take on the Packers tomorrow.