27 thoughts on “Smack the penguin!!!”

  1. 492.9. I can’t get him to skip – not more than like 200 feet or so. But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it 🙂

  2. dude…I think it’s a polar bear. It’s even left handed (good bit of consistency there) :p

  3. That is the most godawful ugly polar bear I’ve ever seen. I really hope that’s not what he was going for, although I guess it makes more sense.

    And Mark – swing late. You’ve got to hit the pengiun at fairly low angle to get him to skip. I can’t believe I’m giving advice on this thing!

  4. Yeah, the page wasn’t loading for me this morning, but it’s back! First question in the FAQ will be “Is that a polar bear or an abominable snowman?” The answer will be: “Abominable snowman – check out the rock. It says Reinhold (presumably the penguin) + Yeti.”

  5. Well that answers that question…not like I was looking at anything but the bat and the penguin before :p

  6. Thom, thanks for the advice, but I was already hitting around 550 a few minutes after I posted 😀 for a penguin, he sure can take a hit without splattering.

  7. 593.5 here as well…it’s too bad I didn’t take a screenshot! Since then, I’ve gotten 587.6

  8. i posted 593.5 last week 5 times, not sure if it’s possible to get a higher score. my coworker who also got that score can attest to this finding after wasting 3 hours of valuable work time trying to beat it. 🙂

  9. 593.5 here, too. 3 of us. BUT, I’ve gotten the game on various sites that
    only shoot for about 300 – what’s that all about?

  10. Well Jamal, I’ll have to take your word (and screenshot) for it, since I doubt I’m breaking 700 anytime soon. You should definitely go to the high score page and post, although I’ve seen a rash of 3000+ scores on that board. I’m wondering if there’s another version out there since some of them are similar scores. Check that, I’ve just found another modified version on which I scored over 1200.

    Chris, I don’t know the story behind this game (and God knows how my posting is currently in the top ten Google search results for this). My guess is that the 300 one is the original, since the distance markings only go up to 300 on both. Someone else must have modified it to go further, and now people are modifying it more to break 1000 or even 3000.

    I might just have to do some real investigative reporting hear to find out the true story. (Yet another one getting me close to 2000)

  11. i can’t play any of the games but the oldest one, can anyone post the other websites so i can get to them please?

  12. 593.5 is the highest score in one shot attainable on that version. 323 is highest attainable on other version. Don’t know what others are talking about reaching 1000 or more unless they are playing 5 shots and adding together.

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