I now pronounce you man and man

I’m trying to get caught up with a lot of blogs by using the RSS feeds heavily for now. Unfortunately that means that I’ll probably be responding to a lot of 1-2 month old posts for a bit. First up comes a very interesting list posted by Jen (Mike’s girlfriend) about the hypocrisy of the “Defenders of Marriage”. Basically it’s a list of divorced politicians (specifically Republicans) who feel the sanctity of marriage is beyond homosexuals. It gave me a funny idea while in the John (not that you needed to know that). I’m sitting there thinking, as I’m oft to do, and it hit me: Gays might be better off giving up on the whole fight for the right to par… marry.

Basically the institution of marriage is down the crapper these days (I think that qualifies as a pun), so why become a part of it? Wouldn’t it be funny if they started doing some sort of Civil Union thing and in a few years stats showed that the separationg rate was so much lower for CU’s (as we will start to call them). Hey, I don’t know that for sure, but considering the fact that most likely you would have a greater ratio of committed couples willing to go through with the whole CU thing than with a unification ceremony that has become a joke, it wouldn’t surprise me. Anywho, it’s just some food for thought.