Intolerable Cruelty

I haven’t been watching as many movies lately, but I still manage to forget about commenting on the ones that I do get around to. That’s why I’m putting forth the effort to at least write a small blurb on Intolerable Cruelty since I just watched it last night and, as a huge fan of the Coen Brothers, I simply do not get why people bashed this film.

For starters, George Clooney puts on a great performance supported fantastically by Paul Adelstein. They come off completely as a wacky duo from the 30’s, which makes sense as this is a 30’s style screwball romantic comedy. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks absolutely gorgeous and pulls off the semi-femme fatale admirably. And the supporting cast? Geoffrey Rush, Billy Bob Thornton, Cedric the Entertainer, Edward Hermmann, and Richard Jenkins – all of them perfectly filling their assorted roles. There was comedy (much of it dark), twists and turns, witty banter, crazy direction, and overall entertainment. It was a fun movie, and if you truly enjoy the Coen Brothers’ style I don’t see how you wouldn’t enjoy this.

Is this one of my favorites? No, not even if of the Coen Brothers. Then again that’s some stiff competition. On the other hand, I would definitely watch this again, and will most likely buy it sometime soon.