Sleep and taxes

I finally got Lisa’s returns in the mail this morning before work. I think that would be the latest I’ve ever mailed in taxes. I’m pretty sure the latest I ever filed a return was around quarter ’til midnight on the 15th, but I usually do the whole telefile thing, so there were no lines. Fortunately this morning I got in and out quickly as the mad rush hadn’t begun. We planned on finishing this up much sooner, but various speedbumps kept creeping in and blocking us – like work, sleep, and Mark.

Ok, I’m not really going to blame him, but two nights ago when he dropped by to print his taxes out, the entire event brokedown into a point-by-point comparison of guinea pigs and sugar gliders followed by trailers from the Upcoming Movies section of Rotten Tomatoes. Eventually the party broke up and I stayed up until 3am getting the necessary info for Lisa’s far more complicated taxes. Fortunately it all led to a bigger refund from the Feds for her and a greater understanding of mutual funds and stocks for myself. Unfortunately it also led to a fairly short nap for myself and sleepwalking through most of yesterday.

Today a great burden has thankfully been lifted and I can breathe a bit easier (possibly aided by starting the day with yoga). Happy Tax Day everyone, and many big refunds for all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sleep and taxes”

  1. Hehe, no problem. It was fun checking out all the new movies and stuff, just happened to be bad timing. Amazingly I caught this major second wind and was barely even tired when I went to sleep. Of course now I’m still trying to recover from sleep deprevation 🙂

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