Americans outclassing Canadians?

So in game 3 of the Montreal/Boston playoff series a bunch of Montreal fans booed The Star Spangled Banner. Obviously I’m not gonna bite on major stereotypes (ok, maybe I am) but that’s incredibly classless and something you’d more or less expect from sports fans over here. So how did their American counterparts respond. Aside from a few boos, Bruins fans cheered the Canadian national anthem. Wow, I never expected a group of Americans to actually take the high-road, especially in an incident such as this.

2 thoughts on “Americans outclassing Canadians?”

  1. That was really cool to see… there were a few games last year (right at the start of the war) where Montreal fans did the same thing, I believe in a game against the New York Islanders. That didn’t go over so well and it went back and forth for a while before truly dying out; even at a Devils- Ottawa Senators game in the playoffs that year, you could still hear scattered boos during O Canada at Continental Airlines Arena here in NJ.

    Hopefully Boston wins this series and the whole thing becomes history 🙂

  2. This was happening before the war, too. Don’t you remember the 2002 Devils home finale we went to against Montreal? The fans booed O Canada mercilessly. I honestly felt ashamed of my country at that moment.

    This was during the initial push for war with Iraq, which Canada made it known they were against immediately.

    To be honest, though, I wasn’t surprised that it happened. Most Americans are blinded by this warped view of patriotism our ‘leaders’ speak of and god forbid there’s a differing opinion, things like the booing of O Canada is what you get.

    Am I absolving Canadian fans for their recent actions? No, but I can understand where the sentiment comes from. This country is losing it’s good standing day by day and it’s to the point where AMERICANS really are willing to leave if Bush stays president.

    I think booing a symbol (flag, anthem, what have you) is the least of our problems as far as good will with the world goes.

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