GoreTV: All day bore-a-thon

I guess when the Supreme Court steals a supposed democratically-elected presidency away from you, it takes a lot to regain some motivation in life, but buying a cable network? Is this some sort of mid-political life crisis? Okay, I don’t really mean to knock the man when he’s down, but one comment really did strike me as funny:

“This is not going to be a liberal network or a Democrat network or a political network in any way, shape or form,” Gore, 56, said. He added that he hopes to counter the trend toward “consolidation and conglomeratization” of the media industry and contribute to its “democratization.”

Hmm, sounds like a pretty good idea to me. So let’s take a look at the money behind this “TV rebellion”:

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs is on the company’s advisory board, and investors include former AOL Time Warner chief operating officer Robert Pittman, who stepped down as the company battled financial and accounting woes, as well as Real Networks chairman Rob Glaser, former Warner Home Video president Warren Lieberfarb, Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy and actor Bradley Whitford of “The West Wing.”

Now I’m really confused. That’s like saying I want to make an honest film about real people and than casting Ben Affleck and J-Lo.

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