Flyers “fly” over the Lightning

The headline is for Mike. That would sum up why he won’t be getting that commentating job he so desires 😉 . Nevertheless, the Flyers did in fact pound the Lightning last night to even up the series at 1 a piece. I’ll laugh if the first team to get my home town a championship in over 20 years is the one I care least about. But it’s still fun, and this the most hockey I’ve watched since the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup Finals… and Ron Hextall was in goal!

Who knows, maybe we actually will get tickets to the Finals if it ends up being San Jose vs. Philly… At least then I know it won’t be a 0-0 tie!

2 thoughts on “Flyers “fly” over the Lightning”

  1. Eva and I are pulling for a Sharks-Flyers Final, since it’s about the only way we’d be able to catch a Sharks gameWe’ll hav to talk about this if both teams end up advancing 🙂

    I’ll also have to stop by sometime this week; the idea of you watching and even getting into a hockey game is something I don’t want to miss out on 😛

  2. You suck 😛

    And I recommend that if we want tickets we buy before this series is through. It’s likely that all 4 teams will sell tickets and then refund if they don’t make it.

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