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Lots of fun with Picture Pages, now it’s time Bill Cosby drew a picture page… Oh where was I? Oh yeah, as I mentioned before, I ordered my new toy, and now my life is complete. Seriously, tonight’s show at CBGB’s with Eugene and High Speed Chase will be the first real test, but I’ve still been taking pictures in the meantime. First up is a picture of the camera itself (courtesy of my trusty PowerShot A40 – I think my cell phone is there for sizing purposes).

!@(images/thecamera.jpg popimg: “The Camera”)

We’ll follow it with a picture of the manual explaining how to hold the camera – please note the placement of the feet!

!@(images/themanual.jpg popimg: “The Manual”)

And lastly we shall conclude with a glimpse of my spacious office. Don’t let the angle fool you, it’s not nearly as big as this picture makes it look.

!@(images/theoffice.jpg popimg: “The Office”)

This concludes today’s brief experiment with photography and blogging. I truly hope this was uneducational for all.

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