I’m waiting for the man

Have I ever mentioned how brilliant my neighbors are? Lets put it this way, there are four parking spots next to my building, which has four apartments. Guess how many cars each apartment can fit in the driveway? That’s right, 2 or 3. I don’t even mind the extra cars they want to keep around (Hoboken is one of the worst towns for parking). There are even two “illegal” spots at the end that they can use (technically they are fire zones, but they aren’t marked properly). Still they often park in such a horrendous manner that my girlfriend marvels at my reversing skills. Yet all I can do is bitch and moan. This morning, however, is one of the prime examples of their absolute stupidity.

With 3 possible spots open (two apartment spots and one “freebie”), someone decided to park in the middle of the lane used to actually exit. Of course the only car they managed to block in was mine. So I find myself already running late for work, and now I have to start banging on doors. I was a little peeved at first, but I figured it was probably someone who just stopped in real quickly and the timing just happened to be off. Instead I find no one home. Ok, one neighbor out of three apartments is there, and he figures it’s probably from the other apartment like I did. So for the first time in 4 years I had to call the police and ask for a tow truck to come remove a car illegally parked in my driveway. I will be writing a very stern letter to my landlord this weekend explaining how big of an impact my neighbors have played in none of us re-signing a lease. In the meantime it’s about quarter to 11, and all I can do is sit here… waiting for the man.

Update – So it turns out it wasn’t one of my neighbors’ cars, which would explain why I didn’t recognize it. We hadn’t had a problem like that in awhile, so I was surprised when this happened. I wasn’t home yet, but they stopped by simply to ask what had happened (was it stolen or towed) so they knew who to ask. Unfortunately I never got around updating on here that it had been towed, so my roommates assumed it, but didn’t know for sure.

It looks like a friend of theirs was heading into the city, so they told her she could park there during the day – not really a big deal. They told her specifically to pull all the way up. Apparently she thought it would be a better idea to park in the middle of the driveway with the doors unlocked and the keys in the car. The tow truck guy went into the car, but it took us awhile before we noticed the keys (he wanted to back it up since he said he couldn’t tow from behind). I just handed them over to him because I wanted no part of it at that point. But the neighbors were cool about it. Brian said they apologized and basically said she could wait until Monday to get her car.

5 thoughts on “I’m waiting for the man”

  1. I can’t wait to come home tonight so as to find out who the idiot was and for me to laugh as they attempt to bitch you out for having the car towed 😛

    I think that all three of us should sign the letter; show that we all share the sentiment. What do you think?

  2. I was running late this morning, so I didn’t find the car had parked me in (which Lisa said wasn’t there when she left) until a little before 10. I banged on all of the doors for at least 25 minutes and only got the one response, so I called the cops. At around noon I called them again to see if there was an ETA. By 12:30 I was really antsy, so I called Moorehouse and after a couple tries, Erika got the towing company to just head over.

    Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the car from behind. Then the guy noticed it was unlocked, so he started hunting around the car looking for a way we could back it up. That’s when I noticed the keys in the cup holder. I guess this schmuck decided it would be better to leave the car unlocked with the keys in it then to park it out of everybody’s way or leave a note. The brilliance of some people!

    I debated for all of a second, but at that point I felt the only proper thing to do was hand the keys over and let the tow guy do his job. We could have just moved the car at that point, but that’s not my job. And there were a half dozen ways that this all could have been avoided – somehow these neighbors always manage to pick the worst possible solution.

  3. Yes…because as we know our neighbors are not the smartest people going. Ok, so they’re beer swilling jock sniffers. God I hate those people 😛

    You did the right thing as far as having it towed, if you ask me. You didn’t know the keys were there and even if you did, did they actually think, “Well…if someone needs to move it I’ll just let them because I’m a lazy, dumb fuck!”

    I would’ve of put it in reverse and let it slide away into the building across the st. I have no idea how that happened! 😛

    What morons we deal with.

  4. Damn, you finally had one of those muttonheads towed, and I missed it? Please tell me you got photos of the car being taken away at least 😛

  5. No, I left my camera at work and Lisa took hers into the city – I know because I was planning on taking the pictures. There is an update for the story, and it really wasn’t any of their fault. Which is good, because I thought we had resolved all of these issues – and it appears we have.

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