Kiera the Breastless

I sometimes question how well Google News (beta, of course) really keeps track of the important news stories. When one of the top links today was “When Kiera lost her breasts”, I think we may be overlooking some of the more pressing issues (such as Kerry selecting his running mate). Of course I can’t really blame them, considering that story was their headline and I’m still one of the shmucks who bypassed it to click on the Keira link on the side.

For those curious – and too lazy to read the barely 5 paragraphs themselves – the article talks about how the lovely Keira Knightley lost her breasts from all of the training she did for her part in King Arthur. Never fear all of you drooling fans of the unbelievably hot Knightley, after halting her workouts, they have returned. I think I can honestly say that the world is once again a better place 😛 .