Color me jealous

This site’s desing and layout have been constantly neglected. I am, in fact, trying to rectify that. In the meantime, I am constantly sifting through websites that demonstrate how utterly talented some people are, and how talentless I am. It can be very frustrating knowing that I could never create anything as wonderful as others, but at least I can share them with you. So in the vein of the re-introduction of orangeguru, I would like to start pointing out other blogs that I frequent and what makes them truly interesting.

One of the more recent examples would be noscope, and not just because he supplied me with my beloved Gmail account). Although not as prolific of a writer as many blogs (well, that’s all relative), of most interest on his site would be the monthly installments. Each month he does five amazing graphical designs, and presents them accompanied by music (provided by Kate, aka n-heptane). He provides a beautiful and creative respite from the sometimes monotonous postings about who pissed us off today, what movies we like, and what we’re eating for breakfast. So drop on by and check out what he’s up to, it’s sure to be interesting.

4 thoughts on “Color me jealous”

  1. I am truly flattered by your profusely kind words regarding my site. Thanks so much.

    Now I’ll let you in on a little secret.

    There is no such thing as talent. Talent is actually a greek word, that means “divine gift”, and there truly is no such thing. While this may sound negative, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. _Anyone_, who has the time and interest in doing something, can do it. I think this is a positive thing, is it not?

    I’m fairly happy about my design at the moment, but trust me, it was not always like that. I don’t have archives of previous iterations of my design at the moment, but suffice to say it came a long way.

  2. You are correct, and that is a far more positive outlook than most. While I do believe that some people have a more natural predisposition for art, music, etc. I think almost anyone can develop that “talent” over time. My problem is lack of focus. I want to do far too much, and never get around to working on just one thing. Therefore I am left as a jack-of-all-trades, yet master of none.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been at it since 1998, and my “to do” list has just grown ever since. I started out not really knowing what to do, and now I have such a backlog of things “I should’ve done by now”.

  4. ‘Noscope’ certainly is a great piece of Art – it shows great skill and sense for design. Bravo! But it also is VERY time consuming … I guess …

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