Arch your back for more security

Just got my new medical card at work. They took off the SSN for security reasons. It’s so rare to see companies actually do things like that. I’m so inspired, maybe I’ll actually use it this year! Well, I do need to get new glasses (and I’d like to switch back to contacts in general), so that one visit. I also think I’m coming up on my every-6-years dental appointment (Wait, what’s that you say? Every 6 months?!?! Oh crap…), and Lisa is anxious for me to actually get a checkup with a real doctor who might even be able to tell me what that strange rash I’ve had on my shin for… oh… 3 years is. It’s quite simply a miracle of bacon and beer that I can even get out of bed in the mornings I’m such a mess.

I’m also beardless again. I know what you’re all thinking: You grew a beard? It’s not like many people outside of work have seen it. I got lazy during the move and wound up with hair all over my face. Who knew? Anywho, since Lisa and I headed down to the beach this weekend (more on that later) I decided clean-shaven was teh only way to fly. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a haircut at the same time, so the mop on top makes my head look rather uneven. I’ll deal with that tonight.

Yes, Lisa and I did try to do some beach combing this weekend. We didn’t quite plan it (my fault), and it almost ended in disaster, but by the time we got back from Atlantic City at 3:30 am it had turned out to be a pretty good day. I don’t even want to go into all of the crappy details (one destination was closed, another locale was too busy, another too expensive, and we lost about an hour backtracking through traffic), but the end result was a nice dinner at Planet Hollywood, some fun on the slots, and a trip through Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not Museum. Thanks to the nickel slots, we even came out ahead. Hard to believe, but we turned $10 into over $60 on those things. This was aided by Lisa accidentally doing the “Max Bet” option for a couple rounds of multi-hand poker, including one in which she got some flushes (worth 200 nickels each, I’ll have you know).

Most importantly, it looks like without traffic we can hit AC in about 2 hours. Of course now that I’ve been there, I can’t really say how much I want to go back 😛 .

2 thoughts on “Arch your back for more security”

  1. Hey, sorry about Sunday – I remembered around 5:30pm that i was supposed to give you a call. That’s what happens when I’m at work until 1am, and I get called at 8am on another issue, and I oversleep, and have to rush to get down to Eva’s on time. And by “on time” I mean “not as late as I might have been.”

  2. No problem. It’s not like there was any chance of us doing something on Sunday. We slept in until the afternoon, and then enjoyed a nice day in Montclair.

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