Home Alone

So the little lady is out of town. Lisa is helping her cousin with an impromptu move tonight. Tomorrow she’ll be heading to her parents for some quality time before they migrate South for the winter. Then Saturday she’ll be going to a friend’s baby shower. There’s a good chance that I’ll be spending the next two nights, and part of the weekend alone before we head down to my parents’ house for my sister’s wedding. Loneliness ensues…

Well, I can deal with it for a couple days. It might even give me a chance to work on somethings that I haven’t had time for. Not to mention the start of the NFL season tonight. Oh yeah, I got Steak-ums, onion rolls, spices, BBQ chips, beer, and some lettuce (for the guinea pigs). That should make for a real evening. Pretty soon my landlords will be wondering what they got themselves into by letting this maniac who screams at nobody in general at great injustices set upon by referees into their home. At least they don’t have to deal with the Eagles game this week 😛 . Now if only I can get the new wireless connection working in the living room…

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  1. Eva was aksing about the guinea pigs… how are they doing? Are they adjusting to the new place well?

  2. They’re just fine. Not much phases them. I think they like being on the lower surface, because they can see what’s going on better. Now if I go over to Birdie (we really need to give him a new name), they scramble over to the side of their enclosure and start squeaking. I’d like to think it’s because they want my attention, but they probably just want food. Although I’m pretty sure that Teddy has been working on training me. They can make some pretty high-pitched squeals on occasion, and it really sounds as though they are hurt. So I always drop whatever I’m doing and run to them when I hear it. Then Teddy looks up at me as if to say, “Hey, what’s the problem? Oh, as long as you’re here, why don’t you rub me under my chin like I love so much.” Of course if he could talk, this would all be with a British accent.

  3. Darn…should’ve come over. :p

    We need to talk about nfl sundays and what we’re gonna do. We should also call Brian. It would be fun having guys’ days again 🙂

  4. If I had known much earlier, I was thinking it would be cool for people to drop by. Unfortunately, Lisa didn’t know she would be gone Thursday night until Tuesday night. Oh well. I’m all for getting together for some games. This week I’ll be down by Philly for my sister’s wedding, and next week there’s the Art & Music Fest (fortunately the Eagles are playing Monday night). After that, I’m all for getting together at apartments or bars or whatever. 🙂

  5. Sounds good! We shall be in touch 🙂

    And let me just say, yesterday’s game was more like an exhibition. I fear for the rest of the league after watching that game :p

  6. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect Owens to have a performance like that… or more importantly, McNabb. If the D picks up, they could very well become unstoppable!

  7. That’s the only question mark. Their run defense still looks shoddy (though barber and dayne are good running backs in their own right, the Giants O line really isn’t. Yet they were able to create holes for the backs to get through).

    I assumed that the LBs would be better prepped for run stopping…it’s not like Warner was lighting them up, necessitating the need to the D to be ‘honest’.

    That being said…even with that ?, if the Offense keeps rolling and the defense can shut down a passing attack, they may be allowed to give up 100 rushing yds a game and still be dominant. I guess we’ll see Monday night against the Vikings. That should be fun!

    Howabouts a Monday night gettogether? :-p

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