End Chapter

You could say that the Hoboken chapter in my life has finally completed. Well, more appropriately, the 73 Adams Street chapter has come full circle.

It’s been rather odd as week by week I have fallen further and further away from a place that heavily defined my life for the past few years. Obviously signing a lease for an apartment in Montclair was a big step. But the first few days after we moved, I was still traveling back to pick up last minute items. Not until midway through that first week out here did I actually stay away from the Mile Square City completely. A week later I returned again to pick up my remaining mail. Lo and behold, my key no longer worked. Suddenly I was locked out of my residence of the past 4 years. Strange feelings indeed.

Not much else changed over the next couple weeks, however, as my new life began to take shape. There wasn’t any sort of higher connection with Hoboken, it was merely where I hung my hat for most of my twenties. In fact, the only night I felt a sense of longing was one particular Friday in which Lisa visited her sister for most of the night. Back in town that would have meant a quick trip around the corner to the Nag’s for beer, and maybe an order of those fantastic Wings-to-Go Andy and I were so prone to order. Instead I found myself drinking alone in our couch-less living room, watching an Eagles preseason game. Not a major tragedy, but not the solo evenings to which I had grown accustomed.

Well, this weekend the final ties were cut. On Saturday I checked my mail and, much to my delight, found an envelope from my previous landlord. Before I could get around to threatening legal action, they managed to slip me the security deposit. And, even more to my delight, it was in its entirety. I’ve been rather cash poor these days, and this was greatly needed money – the majority of it being owed to me. Aside from a check or two to be written – and a few more to be collected – the official documents are fulfilled and my life with Hoboken is merely one of acquaintences now.

On Sunday I will be returning for the semi-annual Art & Music Festival… as a tourist. Next year when Hoboken celebrates its 150th Anniversary, I will just be another drunken fool among the mass. Nothing wrong with that, but these chapter endings have a tendency to feel strange… not bad, just strange.

4 thoughts on “End Chapter”

  1. I’m just afraid that I’ll instinctively drive to and park at the “apartment” for the music festival… parking is going to be a load of fun.

    Also, how about that Owens? 😛

  2. Actually, if it’s Sunday I’m going to have plans with Eva… I don’t know if she’d be up for coming up this way since she’s driven up the last 2 or 3 times. I guess count me out for now.

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