That was unexpected

I was sick yesterday. At least I think I was. I have a vague memory of shivering in bed going through hot and cold flashes with Lisa making me soup. But now that’s all gone. I guess I should be grateful, but it’s all somewhat unsettling.

I woke up yesterday with a slight tummy ache (yes, I’m using the word tummy). So I limited my eating to some yogurt in the morning. As the day wore on I started to feel weak and achey. Lunch was cut down to some chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. I just didn’t trust my stomach to deal with anything more – especially after my experience earlier this year. Nevertheless, I slowly made it through the day and decided to take it easy once I got home. Of course once I got home I really started to feel like crap, and quickly crashed on the bed.

Lisa was stuck in Hoboken for awhile because of all the train problems, but once she finally got home it was all homemade soup and tea for me. I couldn’t decide whether I was too hot or too cold, but she everytime she touched my back she could feel how bad my fever was. So I was bedridden for the night, but swore that I would be able to make it to work today. And what do you know… here I am. Although my stomach is still a little uneasy, all of the other symptoms (most importanly the fever) pretty much all vanished by the morning. Very odd indeed – I don’t think that even counted as 24-hours.

Good thing I came in, too. I picked up the company Costco card (yeah, we have one… for the whole company… both facilities), so that Lisa and I can do some major shopping tomorrow. If anyone else is interested, let me know.