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What can I say… today’s the day. It feels so weird, like I never really thought we would make it to another election. I still have my doubts about how this whole process will turn out. And although I’ve already made my intentions clear, I thought I might ask a question about the whole process that really bugs the piss out of me:

Why isn’t Election Day a holiday? Why do we celebrate the birthday’s of presidents, the deaths of soldiers, and the documentation of our freedom, yet we don’t take a day off to actively partake in the government? I just don’t get it. If voting really is that important, why is it continually made a chore. Michael did point out that most states have laws that give employees the right to take time off for voting, yet my home and current state (PA and NJ) aren’t on that list, and neither are 18 others. That’s just not good enough. I know that other people have broached this subject, so why am I sitting here at work thinking about the millions of voters who would do their supposed civic duty if only they could get away from paying the bills?

As a side note, have you heard the story about Detroit defensive tackle Kelvin Pritchett? When his absentee ballot failed to arrive on time, he hopped on a flight from Detroit to Jacksonville to vote. Now obviously not everyone can afford to do that, but it says a lot about the guy. And here I am, actively not voting, and yet getting pissed off at people on message boards who are skipping out on it because they don’t feel like waiting in line for 45 minutes…

At least I have my reasons, but laziness and apathy are how we got into this mess to begin with.

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  1. My boss understands I have to leave early because of the projected long lines and that, as he put it, “My vote will count more in NJ.” :p

    Early exit polling has Kerry up in LA…I didn’t see that coming.

  2. The latest exit polling I’ve seen (2 PM) shows him back down in LA, but with a HUGE lead in PA (60-40). I would never have guessed that, so I’m skeptical. But, it also shows Kerry leading in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but if those leads hold, the election is his.

    The most important figure so far, however, is that voter turnout is up by 8% or more in many Democratic areas – particularly in comparison to Republican areas. I don’t think that made sense, so just go to Daily Kos for an explanation.

  3. I don?t think that made sense, so just go to Daily Kos for an explanation.
    In other words, more new voters are going with Kerry than with Bush? (daily Kos seems to be down so I can’t check right now.)

  4. I got what you meant….so what the hell happened? Especially where it concerns the 18-29 yr old demographic. Did you know that it was a record LOW turnout for them (less than 1 in 10 of all voters)?

    For all the bitching and moaning and college rallying/Rock the Vote/Eminem videos, they couldn’t put down their controllers for a few minutes and actually DO SOMETHING! Yet I stood around for 4 hours just so I can be given my right to vote in a state where Kerry was an easy victor.

    Congrats kids. When there’s a draft or no jobs after school/adequate health ins and you’re kids are still feeling the effects of your apathy, remember that you could’ve done something about what’s going to happen with another Bush term.

    Makes me sick. Make no mistake, I’m positive there was rampant voter fraud in Fl, OH and other states, but if all those that bitched actually put pen to paper, all the fraud in the world wouldn’t have mattered since it wouldn’t have been close.

    Now this isn’t an attack against you Thom (you’re…well, the only person I know who has actually intelligently laid out their reasoning against voting), but maybe in 2 years (GOP gained seats in the house and senate as well) you might change your mind? Please? I’ll bring cookies :p

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