Trimming the fat

I’m trying to clean up this site. As I constantly point out, I really neglect the way it looks, and it’s starting to urk me. Sure it looks nicer than before, but it’s just someone else’s default design at this point. Also, the other pages have either become a mess, or are simply MIA. And the links? Where to begin?

So I’m organizing things a bit, and getting rid of extraneous items. For friends of mine, you’ll notice that most of your links are gone. The reason for this comes down to Livejournal. I don’t have any serious issues with the service, but I tend to view those pages as at least somewhat private – more like a journal than a blog. So for now, although I put a priority on reading them, they are no longer linked – please don’t take this personally.

We’ll see where all of this leads. Hopefully to cute pictures later today…

2 thoughts on “Trimming the fat”

  1. I agree: the Kubrick_design can be seen at every street corner in cybersapce right now. I still like it, it’s nice and clean – but is it you?! Keep it if it’s your style – otherwise fire up thoese creative neurons you have!

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