Where have you been?

Argh, I haven’t had a chance to post in forever. I feel pathetic. Well, not really, but I’m disappointed in myself because this blog is supposed to be more than just some ego trip, but a chance for self-expression. But life gets in the way of that sometimes. So what have I been up to? Good question, and here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Work – I’ve been swamped lately. Between projects that need to be taken care of, the usual tech support crap, and my own desire to close certain things before Thanksgiving had led to heavy workloads. I’ve even been putting in late night hours to deal with major server maintenance. No complaints here, but it has led to less enthusiasm in my personal life.
  • Family – One of my Uncles died last week. Don’t worry about condolensces and whatnot, we weren’t close in the least. I was (and am) far more concerned about my Aunt and cousins, not to mention their kids. That’s hard to go through, and the least I could do was help get a couple of my sisters up to Connecticut for the funeral. This subject, however, commands more attention at a later date.
  • Football – Ah yes, the Eagles are 9-1! And believe, I’ve been dedicating as much time as possible for them. I may have missed the Steelers game (thankfully), but I still got back on track with a fun Monday night at Mark’s place for the Dallas whooping, and a visit to McMahon’s in Hoboken for the latest romp over Washington. Let’s hope this all keeps me in good spirits.
  • San Andreas – Come on, I told you I got the game. Of course it’s sucked me in. While I have my complaints, the latest installment is clearly another improvement in the series. I need to write a full post about this one.
  • Personal Projects – I’ve put off dealing with all of the photo and video editing projects on my desktop for too long. The last few weeks has seen me pouring over thousands of image files from the past few years as well as gigs of video. It is daunting to say the least, but I think I can actually see some sort of end (or at least a breaking point) in the near future.

So, no more apologies. Life goes on, and now so does the blog. Let’s see if I can actually stick to this now and also catch up with my regulars.

6 thoughts on “Where have you been?”

  1. Yeah, that was actually a repeat – at least the first part was. And as of now, TO on the Dallas star is on two of my desktops. About to be changed on one, since I’m updating it each week.

  2. TO seems to be one of those guys, love him or hate him, that gets people pumped for a game. Reminds me of Jeremy Roenick – another Philly athlete known mostly by his initials. If I followed basketball, I bet Iverson would be on that list.

    What’s up with your teams and their controversial athletes? 😛

  3. Hey Dieter, you know some people have been looking for you. Just check it out over at this entry. Apparantly I’m now your point of contact 🙂 . Although now that your site is back up, hopefully they’ll figure it out on their own.

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