Start the playoffs now

I’m kind of going crazy here. The Eagles just demolished one of the only teams that could have been a threat to them in the NFC. They are practically a lock to make the Super Bowl this year. Yet I still have to wait almost 2 months to find out if they’ll actually make it. You’d think we’d all be happy to have a team that managed to clinch it’s fourth straight division title on Thanksgiving weekend. But no, we’ve all become a tad antsy about these things. The Philadelphia Daily News had a great article about just how easy it is to be negative when everything seems so positive.

Yesterday was fun. Since the big game against the Pack wasn’t being broadcast in this area (I really hate living by NYC these days), I headed over to McMahon’s in Hoboken (I’m glad to see Willie Lynch is still playing there, I’ll have to swing by sometime for that). I found out a couple weeks ago when they played the ‘Skins that it had become a major Eagles bar, so I stopped by. It’s far more fun than trying out a new sports bar in my area since I used to hang out there in college. And with only my second visit, I was already talking to people I met before and having a blast with the weird comraderie that is built between complete strangers who happen to wear green.

What bugged me most was that I almost could have been at that game. Instead I should hopefully be able to get tickets for the Cowboys game. I am beyond psyched. I might even try to drive down to DC next Sunday and look for tickets to that game. At this point I’m thining about having a party for the Championship Game. We’ll see how that all comes together, because right now I’m looking at knots in my stomach until the end of January.

3 thoughts on “Start the playoffs now”

  1. Yay, you got spammed by a casino, it looks like 🙂

    If you’re doing any Eagles get togethers, let me know – I’d love to join in the fun, but it all depends on what Eva and I are doing any particular week/end.

  2. I wonder if that’s why my site went down for a bit. Somehow this blog just became a hot commodity. So far I’ve gotten around 750+ spam comments for that stupid casino in the last 5 minutes or so… and the time for my blog is off. Dammit, this is all screwed up. The funny thing is that it will take me all of 5 minutes to get rid of all that spam. And the only reason it’ll take that long is that I want to double check that I don’t accidentally delete any real comments (like this one).

  3. Hysterical – well over 800 comments (and counting), deleted in about 30 seconds. These guys are such morons. And since I fine tuned the blacklist, I can now use words like Texas Hold’em or casino and not have to worry about approving my own comments. These guys must be dumb as a fly’s ass.

    Oh yeah, I’ll let you know when I’m having people over. Probably the Rams game for starters, because I think that’s the next national one.

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