Dear Spammers

Nuclear Moose has a message for spammers. Personally, I’m just growing bored. The other week I got hit with about 800+ in a matter of a couple hours. About 95% of them were caught by the basic comment moderation that’s built into WP. Not even a challenge. And now the new 1.5 beta I’m running makes it even easier. I now get spam comments the way I used to get spam e-mail – a couple a day. And just as quickly as they appear, they are removed.

Easy enough, but I still concur with Craig.

3 thoughts on “Dear Spammers”

  1. Boy, you turn your back on the blogosphere for a minute and what happens?

    I stayed away from my feeds during the holidays, so I completely missed your conversion to WP. Way to go! For now, the spam isn’t that big of a deal for me. So I’ve decided to hold off on any plugins until WP1.5 comes out, and then I’ll decide what I want to use.

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