Take that, Apple!

Apparently I’m suing Apple. That’s right, I’ve grown tired of not being able to use other stores with my iPod… Wait a second, I don’t own an iPod. And I’m not from California. Is this some sort of evil twin? With the same name? Who probably doesn’t even look like me?!?!

I found it amusing. Especially since I hate Apple. So I like the idea that somewhere there will be a court case against them with my name on it.

3 thoughts on “Take that, Apple!”

  1. Saw the article… Tom Slattery is suing apple — I had no doubt it was you. (Google and found your blog.) I think you should get the complaint, find/replace “California” and file in NJ. All the work’s been done for you!

    By the way… How’s it going?

  2. Hey man, it’s good to hear from you. Everything’s going well on my end, and from the pictures it looks like on yours, too. We’ll have to catch up at some point.

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