Uncreative Spammers

What happened to all the cute philosophical snippets that came with links to cheap v|@ge rA? Where are the random quotes that pointed me to online gambling sites? Lately the spammers have just gotten lazy, and are posting comments with 20-30 links and no real text to try to hide it. I don’t really understand that, as I have a low limit on the links allowed so not a single one has made it past the moderation queue.

More and more this comment spam is becoming like e-mail spam. Aside from the “Night of a Thousand Comments” at the beginning of December, I tend to get a couple every other day. They trickle into my moderation queue (much like a junk folder), I double check for anything legitimate, and then delete them all. Annoying, but as long as it stays at this level I don’t really care that much. Although it bugs me that I’m writing about it again.

2 thoughts on “Uncreative Spammers”

  1. Weird, but true: I didn’t have any spam on my blog for at least six months – apart from nasty people leaving unpublishable comments. Since I removed myself from Google spam went down …

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