TV Victims

Have you noticed that regular people on the news don’t speak normally anymore? Once someone has a microphone shoved in front of them, they seem to act like watching the last 3 seasons of “Law & Order” has given them formal legal training.

Last night I saw this story on “Fox News” – not on purpose, mind you, I was just too lazy to change the channel after “House” – about a woman who had been sexually accosted by her doctor. Now, this is a very serious story. The guy locked the office door and grabbed her breasts. That’s just not right. But I found myself questioning the credibility of the woman because of the way she spoke. She very quickly mentioned the resultant psychological damage and other side effects as if she were a lawyer. Who uses words like that after a guy just grabbed them?

I just don’t get it – even true victims are starting to come off as professional ones.

One thought on “TV Victims”

  1. I think people assume that if they can use the words “trauma,” ‘scarred,” or “long-term damage” in a sentence, they’re automatically entitled to money…

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