Lost friends

Quite an experience yesterday. Lisa and I headed down to Peddler’s Village for a wine and chocolate tasting. While browsing the selection on sale (I finally brokedown and bought a bottle of Chaddsford’s Merican since it was a rare 20% off) the girl at the counter asked us if we were from around there. As Lisa was explaining that I was originally, she actually said my name. Well, I am far from famous and have only been to a couple Chaddsford events, so I was surprised that anyone would recognize me. She then explained that she was the sister of a friend of mine from high school – Steve.

Steve was a good guy. One of those incredibly nice people that never seemed to catch a break – almost like karma ignored him. Nevertheless, he remained a good guy and a good friend even as we drifted apart. You see, I drifted apart from all of my high school friends. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them, simply that lives moved on. The last time that I saw Steve was just over 2 years ago. I remember that Lisa and I had just started dating, so it was weird going to see some friends whom I hadn’t regularly communicated with for some time. But it was fun, yet sadly didn’t pickup that chance to open up regular lines again.

Hopefully Steve or I will send out an e-mail or a phone call or something in the coming weeks. I’m not saying that the friendship will be completely renewed, but it’s nice to think in this Communication Age perhaps we can use all of this great technology simply to say “hi” to those we’ve come to know on a fairly regular basis.