WordPress 1.5

I knew I should have read Michael’s post when it appeared in my aggregator this morning. WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” has been officially released today (although the official announcement is still lacking). I’ve just done a quick backup and upgrade and all but one thing appears to be working – the Dashboard. That’s probably an issue with my site, so I’ll be working on that before I do any other posts.

For those currently running WP, I strongly urge you to upgrade as soon as you can. The new features are well worth it, which is why I’ve been running the nightlies as long as I have. For those running a different system (or not running one period) now’s the time to seriously look at a switch.

UPDATE: Yes, of course that was a problem with my site. I fixed the index.php and now everything should be fine. That means that I can finally start working on my own site layout (as if that’s what was really holding me up).

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  1. Certainly nothing I intended. I have the same problem, too. It might be an issue with how it sets cookies, I’m not sure. This is one of those bugs that I actually have to investigate now that 1.5 went final.

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