Uncomplimentary Spam

As is usual, I’ve been getting a trickle of spam comments most days. But this latest wave is a tad bizarre. It caught me off guard at first because they were generally short comments that almost made sense. Things along the lines “nice site” or “I’ll have to bookmark you” or even “I disagree,” but longer and in full sentences. Then I looked at the e-mail and sites they provided. Well, for now we’ll call this a family site and claim that I don’t want to say the sorts of sites they listed. But to be perfectly honest, if this blog were Ron Jeremy‘s himself I think he’d be too disgusted by their suggestion to repeat.

I really don’t care much – not a single one made it past the filters -b but some of the comments just became… well… odd, if not belligerent. Just the other day one of these jokers said, “OMG you must be totally retarded.” And today someone actually told me, “If I saw you in the street I’d spit on you.” Now, does this sound like a good marketing plan? I mean, the spam is already blatant, and I’m not giving them any free marketing, but now they’re basically insulting me, too.

Let’s face it, if you call into question my mental state, or threaten me with saliva, I’m not going to stand for that. So just go sell your freakish goat-blowing tranny porn elsewhere!

4 thoughts on “Uncomplimentary Spam”

  1. what do this people think anyway?

    They think you need to CLICK HERE NOW 4 HOT _____ ON _____ ACTION!! (if my inbox is any indication.)

    And yes, you can probably just fill in the blanks with anything lewd – chances are there’s spam for it. 🙂

  2. Here’s some winners from the latest round:

    Why don’t you ever post anything interesting?
    Don’t you know that my privates are a lot bigger than yours?
    My heritage is strong and masculine. (personal favorite)
    I laugh at your puny attempts at wit. (a strong runner-up)
    Interesting, but you’re obviously not very highly educated.

    I think I’ve figured out what words to put into the “Spam Blackhole” options to basically kill these from the moderation queue anyway. Although I will miss their witty insight.

  3. That and, you may vanquish some of my rebuttals right off the bat. You know, in the event that I challenge the masculinity of your heritage 🙂

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