A spectacular failure

Mark should get a big kick out of this:

My car failed inspection! w00t!

Normally people would be upset by this, however I see it as a true triumph. I took my car in for inspection on Friday (April Fool’s Day of course) because it expired in March. No big deal, you say. Last March. That’s right, I made it a full year with an expired inspection sticker on my car. And now, for some reason, I am driving more legally… or something like that. All thanks to a piece of paper that says it’s ok for my car to not work properly, because it will sometime soon.

What a wonderful system. For my next trick I’m going to see how long I can drive without a front right wheel before a cop notices.

One thought on “A spectacular failure”

  1. I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary as well 😛 I want to try to go during my lunch break someday this week, and I’m pretty sure I’ll fail again. I plan on getting something new in the next month or two anyway, so maybe I’ll just hope I don’t get a ticket between now and then…

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