American Idol – Top Nine

Uh oh, looks like that time of the week again. You’d think with Mikalah gone, the suck factor would be almost non-existent. But with a theme like musicals, you can be assured that people will still suck. Pretend like this post never was.

Ok, I came in late, and I’m starting this even later. So this on some sort of time delay blogging. First order of business:

Scott “Who gives a crap” – You suck. I didn’t even see your performance and I know you sucked. Please spare us and take your worthless personality home.

Constantine “My Funny Valentine” – Sara Jane, Jeff, Lisa, and I are gonna fly out there and beat this drama queen until he stops with the pouting. His vocals are getting better and better, but I can’t even look at the screen when he’s on anymore.

Carrie “Hello Young Lovers” – Hmm, she almost moved a little bit on stage. Unfortunately the sheer effort of losing the deer-in-headlights look made her stumble on the vocals. I will never get the love affair the judges or the public have with her. She just plain bores me.

Vonzell “People” – Very good. While I don’t want her to win, I want her to stick around long enough to be developed. She’s got real charm and talent.

Anthony “Climb Every Mountain” – Sure he’s nice, but he still bores me. Um, nothing else to say.

Nikko “One Hand, One Heart” – Enh. Decent performance, but I wasn’t thrilled with the song choice.

Anwar “If Ever I Should Leave You” – Total redemption. Great performance. I think he really needed this to move back up where he belongs.

Bo “Corner of the Sky” – Pippin! PIPPIN?!?! Lisa was excited, but we were both really hoping for “Jesus Christ Superstar” or “Hair.” Nevertheless, decent performance. I have to agree with Simon: “two bad weeks.” His last great performance was “Time in a Bottle,” but he should have no problem picking back up after this. Bo’s still one of the top.

Nadia “As Long As He Needs Me” – For starters, she looks absolutely amazing. An odd song, but I liked her performance. She can do better, but I think it’s just being stuck in the musical theme.

Two lame weeks in a row. This season better turn around fast, especially with all of the talent on hand. Please, people, let’s get rid of the chaff by outing Scott and Anthony over the next two weeks. And no, I don’t mean it in that way.

5 thoughts on “American Idol – Top Nine”

  1. I’m starting to want to beat Constantine with a shovel.

    His vocals are not that good. They’re better than previous weeks, yes, but compared to the rest of them? He’s on par with Nikko, imo. Sharp, flat, glory note, eyefuck, eyefuck, push back lock of hair, flat, eyefuck, sharp, eyefuck, eyefuck, eyefuck. He never deserves the tonguebath he gets.

    My mom agreed that he’s the kind of guy where if you saw him at a party, you’d be afraid he would slip you a roofie coolada. And he BUTCHERED My Funny Valentine with that revolting arrangement.

    I’m irritated over the voting. By all accounts, Anthony (he really horribly sucks) should have gone home, with Scott and Nikko/Constantine/Nadia filling the third spot. People are idiots.

  2. I try not to look at the screen when Constantine is one. The only ones I really care about at this point are Bo, Anwar, and Vonzell. I’d also like to see Carrie, Nadia, and maybe even Nikko developed later. But those first three are the ones that I could see myself buying their music.

  3. Honestly, I would probably only buy Bo’s album. No one else even comes close to the styles of music that I like.

    About the only thing Constantine could do right (by me) at this point would be to sing Greek No. 3

  4. Well, bitch, while my girlfriend thought he did well, I agreed with Randy. His vocals were a 6 or 7 at best, but he had some great onstage performance. Of course all of his dramatic hair flipping and eye batting is annoying as all hell, so the fact that his vocals were lame compared to Freddie Mercury’s, I’m starting to seriously dislike him.

    P.S. (How pathetic is your life that you come onto someone else’s website and call them an asshole for not liking some jerk on TV?)

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