American Idol – Top Eight

You lazy SOB! What the hell happened to our “live blogging”? As if you cared! For those who do, please continue to my minor rant…

I’m bored. Seriously, I told Lisa last night that I was bored with American Idol, and I really am. How could such fine entertainment not keep me enthralled? Easy, I don’t care who wins. I like the people I like, and I will get their albums when released. Come on, we know that all of these people will be getting contracts and it’s just a matter of how much effort the label will put behind their release. The show just can’t thrill me that much anymore.

Last night is a pretty good example. Let’s do a quick rundown:

Nadia was ok. And that’s it. I’d like to see her develop somewhere, because I think she has real potential, but she can’t do it here.

Bo had a good performance again, and if he had been backed by a band that could do justice to “Free Bird” he would have been amazing.

Anwar once again showed he has the best voice, but is constrained by the show. And perhaps his affection for effeminate songs (yes, I’ve heard all of the gay rumors). But other than showing off his fantastic voice, what more can he accomplish on this show?

Anthony is a nice guy with a decent voice. I respect him. I think he’d have a lot of fun in a community theater setting and perhaps develop into more. But this song was tailor made for his vocals and he still didn’t nail it. He’s good, but no idol.

Vonzell is the cutest thing on TV these days. I absoluely love her, and will buy her CD (along with Bo’s and Anwar’s). What a great choice of songs (especially with Lisa and I being such 80s freaks) and what a performance!

Scott sucked on the verses and excelled at the choruses. Unfortunately, people only remember choruses and finishing notes. He’s not that good, and he has the personality of… well, of an asshole. Get rid of him, please! His assinine comment after Simon spoke was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on that show.

Carrie was decent. Lisa disliked her performance, but I think it was just slightly off. A little more life than usual, but nothing that tells me she’ll ever be anything more than a good voice and a pretty face.

Constantine created some real dissent over here. Lisa loved the performance. Personally, I thought he was decent, but the fact that he couldn’t even compare to the original really detracted from the performance for me. And he’s coming off as creepy and irritating these days.

I don’t know that I can keep this up for the rest of this season, because I’m only interested in three of them. Of course I’m sure I’ll still be watching, but the commentary may start to run thin.