“If I had to order someone out of a catalog…

…to be obsessed with me, it’d probably be her.”

What a great line, and I’d definitely say that it describes Caroline Dhavernas to a “T”. If I wasn’t already convinced that Wonderfalls was the greatest show to never get a chance, that line would surely solidify it. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the few episodes that actually aired, do yourself a favor and fork over the thirty bucks for the DVD set. Trust me.

What if you hated dealing with people? Ok, maybe that’s not a big stretch for most of us… What if you were an underachiever in a very successful family? Hmm, wait, another easy one… Alright, what if random objects started talking to you, telling you to do strange things? Ha, weren’t expecting that one, were you? What if those actions had bizarre consequences that led to helping people in a roundabout, convoluted way, much to your chagrin? We’re talking tying shoelaces together, stealing disability checks, ramming cars, and even breaking International treaties all to get total strangers whom you don’t even like to right their wronged lives.

Yeah, it’s strange. But it makes for a great (albeit short-lived) show with a fantastic cast led by the aforementioned Caroline. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another episode before Lisa gets home.