American Idol – Top Three… Two… One

I never got around to the latest results because, unfortunately, the end was inevitable. Also, I was hoping to get some of captures done by now to share with those interested. For one last time, though, if ya ain’t innerrested jump to the next post.

So what are my thoughts? I’m afraid that Carrie might just win. She just has too much of that “We don’t care what she sounds like” vibe going for her. If she were at least a decent performer, I would understand, but she has about as much stage presence as Kenny G on tranquilizers. How she’s built up this huge following I’ll never understand.

Last night’s episode was sadly lacking, and didn’t hold much hope for the future. Both of them had to sing two tracks that were written for the winner’s album. And while Bo sounded decent on them, they were seriously lacking in any kind of… oomph. The songs were flat, and made me wonder if Bo would be better off losing so that he wouldn’t be stuck with such a potentially lame single. If Carrie does win, I’m sure this will be a repeat of Clay Aiken’s career – afterall he lost in spite of greater talent and went on to become a bigger star anyway.

And now we are half an hour into a TWO FREAKIN’ HOUR finale! What could they possibly do for the rest of this? We’ve already been subjected to the horrors of Mikalah, once again. Bo sang his third rendition of “Vehicle” (all of which have been excellent), and Carrie did another boring song that wowed everybody who thinks holding a note for really long is the sole basis for talent. Now we’ve gotten stupid interviews and whatnot to fill enough time for Fox to sell as much advertising as they can.

Please, just get it over with! The sooner this is finished, the sooner Bo can get on with his career and I can ignore Carrie like all the other AI garbage that fills the airwaves I don’t listen to.