Tonight’s the night

The following entry was originally posted only to LiveJournal in order to keep things secret from Lisa. I have added these to my blog with the original timestamp for posterity’s sake.

Yes, tonight is in fact THE NIGHT. Holy crap, I’m nervous as hell right now. And this is how it happens to me, I’m perfectly fine until I realize that I’ve got to act calm for the next few hours to not let anything slip up. We’ve got to eat dinner. We’ve got to enjoy the show at the Goldhawk. And now, to add an extra twist, I’m going to take her over to the Open Mic afterward, and try to do this all “on stage.” Okay, that part isn’t exactly set, it does depend a bit on who’s actually there. But that’s my hope. Otherwise it’ll end up out on the street with me getting my knees dirty on the sidewalk.

My nerves are calming a bit, right now. We’ll see whether or not I can avoid throwing up on her at this point. I have a funny feeling that would somewhat ruin the romance of the evening.

Thank god for my oversized camera, at least – my telephoto lens hood has allowed me to hide the ring without worrying about the unsightly bulge in my pocket.

Right now the fear of the future is nothing compared to the fear that I’ll trip trying to get down on one knee, drop the ring down a grate, and/or say her name wrong just before blacking out. If that happends, hopefully someone could at least get it on video for me to laugh at later.