My insurance does the robot

That’s right, as of today I am officially insured by the Government Employees Insurance Company (yeah, I didn’t know it was an acronym either). I’m not interested in having a friendly face behind my insurance company. I want it to be online and easy to make changes with as little human contact as possible. After my only accident I didn’t bother going to see my agent just up the street, but instead called the parent company’s 1-800 number. They were far easier to deal with.

And since I’ve moved and am dropping some of my excessive coverage I’ll also be saving close to $600 a year!

Of barely coincidental note, MeFi linked to a truly terrible road rage quiz today. The author worded the questions in such a way to make anyone who actually follows the rules of the road and doesn’t yield the right of way at the least sign of aggressive driving to be a raving lunatic unfit for the road. Let’s examine some of the questions:

If you are driving in traffic in the fast lane and the person in front of you is driving the speed limit do you:

For starters, there’s no such thing as a “fast lane.” At least not here in Jersey. We have something called a “passing lane” but no “fast lane.” And if you pull up behind someone who is riding in it without passing and just drive behind them as the first answer suggests, you are perpetuating the problem. It is far more appropriate to flash one’s highbeams at the other driver to remind them that they should either pass or get back in the middle lane. Of course all of the other answers are written to make you feel like a jerk for trying to keep traffic flowing. I just love how expecting other people to drive properly is considered indicative of ROAD RAGE.

3. You are stopped at a traffic light and the light has just turned green. The person in front of you is chatting on a cell phone. Do you.

Let me guess, these answers will be pointing out that you should have patience for someone driving illegally while talking on their cellphone and paying more attention to a conversation than the operation of a 2000 pound vehicle. In case you haven’t heard, people die in accidents because other drivers aren’t paying attention. If you’re talking on a cell phone while driving, a little honk is the least I can do to point out that you are a reckless asshole.

4. A person is tailgating you. Do you:

Hey, wanna give us some useful information about these questions? Am I on a single lane road? Am I incorrectly driving too slowly in the left lane? Or is the guy just a prick and refusing to pass me even though I’m in the right lane? Tapping your brakes a couple times to “flash” someone riding your tail is not inappropriate.

Ok, ok. I realize this quiz is probably just a joke, and I obviously don’t have a real beef with it. But more and more this idea of road rage has krept up that labels people who tap on their horn when you sit at a light or flash people doing 45 in the passing lane as aggressive drivers. Personally I consider myself an assertive driver. I don’t drive recklessly, but I do expect others to drive somewhat safely, and I will honk my horn and yell at people who run stop signs and cause me to swerve out of their way because they don’t feel the need to pay attention. I’ll admit that I go overboard sometimes, but overall I’m just sick of people getting away without understanding basic safety on the roads while a good friend is going to court in order to avoid having his license suspended for year due to (essentially) a paperwork screwup.

Gah, I really wanted to avoid doing rants on this site, but some subjects just set me off. Now about that midget freak and his crazy ass religion