Happy pre-anniversary to me!

Last week Lisa and I officially booked a place for our wedding. It’ll be July 29, 2006 at the English Manor. That’s right, at this time next year I will be Mr. Thomas Bernstein… wait, no, I mean Mr. Thomas Slattery… but, that’s already my… oh I give up. At this time next year I’ll be hitched.

I held off on the Internet announcement to make sure my family heard first. It’s no big deal for them to get regular ol’ updates thru this site, but it’s a little embarassing if they have to find out WEDDING details online. Especially from this site… which reminds me, I guess I have to do the tradional geek thing now and register a domain name for us (that way you know it’s forever – in one year increments).

The only other decision we’ve made is on the band – but Slippery was an obvious decision, unless you can name another band that can do Apache!