The Rundown

Yeah, I’ve been busy. Work has been pretty hectic and the home front has been rather full, too. Since Lisa’s minivan continues to have problems (more on that later), I’m still waking up earlier than usual even on days I’m off. That’s left me with little sleep and barely any time just to relax. And now we’re going through another seasonal change. Add this all up and what do you have? It’s beyond just being a little rundown, I’m pretty sure I’m sick. Since popping pills (Tylenol Cold & Allergy Sinus Relief… or at least the Target equivalent) at night alleviates some of this, I’m pretty sure there really is some kind of bug running through my system.

Total lack of decent free time hasn’t been the only reason I haven’t been writing. Actually, I’ve had plenty to say and enough time to say it. But I’m so hung up on trying to find time to design and open the replacement site that I’ve postponed just posting things here. Not that it really matters how frequently I update, but in addition to keeping some people informed of my life (Hi Laura!) the very exercise of writing daily has improved my style and ability. When there is a big gap – as with this past month – the strain can be frustrating as I try to get back into the flow.

So, no apologies here; this is my site afterall. But I am hoping to put more effort into the things I really enjoy, which includes this site. Ugh, I’m still just doing the typical blog bumbling here while trying to get myself restarted. I’ll just shut up now, get back to my movie (In Good Company – definitely enjoyable), and hopefully get some sleep tonight.

One thought on “The Rundown”

  1. Eva and I caught In Good Company a while back… we definitely enjoyed it. The ending was completely not what I expected it to be, and I think I liked the movie even more because of it.

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