Good times now and then

Things were jumpin’ over at the local B&N tonight. That’s my way of trying to sound hip when mentioning that Barnes & Noble sure was packed for a Saturday evening. I always find it amazing that so many people feel the need to buy books (and coffee) at the same time. In reality I know that a lot of them are just killing time until their movie starts or for friends to arrive for dinner (this store is, of course, located in the middle of an uber-shopping complex). It’s just amazing to me how such a megastore has become such a mega-hangout.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. This is exactly what my friends and I were doing back in high school. Gee, what a surprise, me and my nerd crew back in the day had nothing better to do than hang out in a book store. That’s what you get when you’re 17 and living in the ‘burbs and the movie gets out at 10:30. Nothing else is left open, and at least at a Barnes & Noble you could grab a cookie or a slice of cheesecake or something.

Sometimes I wonder where everybody hangs out. Do people out there have real lives where they connect and interact with fellow humans on a regular basis? Last week I dropped by Buskers in Hoboken to see the ol’ gang – a crowd I used to see multiple times in a week. Now I see them once in a blue moon. I mentioned how much I missed living in Hoboken just for the aspect of being a short block away from the “action.” Joe told me I wasn’t really missing anything – everybody just gets together to drink and talk whether they’re in the city or not. But being in that city area certainly makes the getting together part that much easier.

I’m not complaining about life in the ‘burbs. Honest. I just want the best of both worlds.