Comments and stuff

Thanks to the Akismet spam plugin, I’m hoping to keep comments open far longer than the previous 21 day period I was using on ye olde It’s all part of my masterplan to make this a far more interesting site than in the past. I was planning on re-opening the comment form for all previous posts, but there are two issues holding me back:

  1. For continuity’s sake, it makes sense to preserve the old content, but stop further discussion unless I decide to create a new post referencing an old topic.
  2. I’m lazy, and don’t know what kind of SQL query to run to quickly re-open all comments.

We’ll see whether or not laziness and a lame excuse win out with this decision. In the meantime, Akismet seems to have already begun cleaning out the spam remaining in the database (274 instances found – not sure where they cam from), and brought this gem to my attention:

your site is exactly the kind of sites which make the net surfing so fun. quilt your fabric yoyo:

It’s that brilliantly nonsequitor combination of startling praise and confusing demands that make spam comments so much fun. The constant use of such closing lines as “I finished the 6th ball” or “1 small clove garlic” are amusing enough, but when they add a bizarre use of a rather mild insult (such as yoyo) a big smile can’t help but cross my lips.

If only I possessed such wit.