Faith in the Academy

Since it was the only nominated film I actually watched, I was somewhat pleased when Crash won Best Picture last night. Well, shortly after it won, when Lisa woke me up to let me know the results. What can I say? I’m a tad rundown these days.

Unfortunately, the Oscars still pretty much stink. Jon Stewart was definitely able to make it a more enjoyable experience overall (I’m sorry, but Billy Crystal is stale and Whoopi Goldberg is just horrible – Steve Martin was the best they’ve had in decades), and there were some good presentations and even speeches. But overall, the quality of the awards has just gone downhill. It was bad enough when Gladiator was even nominated, let alone won, any awards back in 2001. Then when Return of the King swept the show two years ago, I just threw my hands up in disgust. This year I’m just happy that the awards seemed to be spread across several movies, and it didn’t just become a Brokeback award ceremony as many predicted.

Getting ready for next year’s awards, I would just like to assure all of you that Snakes on a Plane is still the name of the greatest film yet to be released – no matter what acronym IMDb tries to foist on us. Look for this film to turn the heads of many an Academy voter next year.

Seriously, not only is that blog a veritable goldmine, but you should seriously start reading the IMDb forums:

Snakes. Snakes on a plane, not in a milk-crate, not under a rock; on a plane.

So many questions. How many snakes? What kind of snakes? What kind of relationship does Sammy L have with the snakes? Does he see his childhood in their eyes? Can snakes love? Can snakes love…on a plane? Can snakes love a plane? How many pina coladas can snakes drink? How many pina coladas can Sammy L drink? How many snakes can Sammy L drink?

I just can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Faith in the Academy”

  1. I haven’t seen any of the movies (no shocker there – I saw exactly one new movie this year, because I am a slacker) but I watched and Jon Stewart made it surprisingly pleasant. And you’re right that Steve Martin was the only one who even came close to being a decent Oscar host before Stewart.

  2. Steve Martin was good because he refused to kiss ass, which I appreciated.

    The overly pampered celebrities, shockingly, did not.

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