Can’t win all the time

Oh well, didn’t get tickets for the Jersey show today. Actually, I could have had tickets for the 6/1 show, but I really just wanted to go 6/3. So I tossed them back in the mix for other people. I figured that would be better than plunking down another 100+ bucks on a night I wasn’t too sure about. I kicked myself right afterward, but considering I’m home early today so that Lisa and I can head down to Philly to see Billy Joel, I think I can skip a show here and there.

Of course, I’m all for trying to get tickets with other people (hint, hint Sara) for the 6/3 show through TicketBastard. Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll be trying to get ones for the next leg of the tour.

2 thoughts on “Can’t win all the time”

  1. I’m so there. I’ve been checking Ticketbastard for Pearl Jam, Ryche, Live, and Nine Inch Nails tickets almost every day now, so I’ll let you know when I see them listed.

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