Quick blog-by

Just an update on various subjects left hanging:

  • The house is coming along just fine, thank you very much. I know that’s the number one question that people seem to have. And the follow-up is usually about pictures. I’ve been taking a lot, and will be posting more this weekend to let people see the progress. It’s amazing how far a pair of drapes really can go.
  • I went rollerskating for a friend’s birthday a couple weeks ago – as usual, pictures are long overdue. And trust me, the fact that they are embarassing to me is not the hold up. I AM VERY LAZY!
  • This site desperatly needs a re-design. Once again: I AM VERY LAZY!
  • Since I haven’t been posting these pictures, many of you may not realize how shaggy I’ve become. Over the holidays and beyond, I let my beard and hair grow out and now look like a nerdy version of Jeremiah Johnson. This won’t last long past the beginning of Spring, and will certainly be taken care of before the wedding. But I’m still enjoying the “darker” version of me to the “evil” version of me.
  • I’ve rejoined Netflix. I’m sticking to the one movie at a time schedule right now. So far that means I’ve only watched The Constant Gardener – which was excellent – as I try to get back into the swing of things. I figure even one movie a week will put me ahead.
  • My copy of HDAdvance arrived yesterday. And as I copy all of my games up to my PS2, the console experience will never be the same again.
  • In case there was any doubt as to how much I love my job, I just spent the last two hours drinking Guinness and swapping tales of ethnic pride in the cafeteria. And that was some awesome soda bread.

Real updates are bound to crop up at any moment – but they’re bound to be just as pointless.

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  1. “And trust me, the fact that they are embarassing to me is not the hold up.”

    HA! I have a feeling they’re embarassing to everyone involved, so don’t feel the need for any rush.

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