Wouldn’t it be terribly clever if you all thought this was a post about self-love, but in reality I was talking about re-modeling our bathroom? Yeah, well, it’s not. Over the weekend I was contemplating cutting my hair in preparation for the coming warm months. Since the sky decided to drop snow and sleet on our area on Saturday, that idea quickly lost it’s appeal. But I still wanted to take pictures of my full beard and long hair to document this scruffiest time in my life.

I ended up having a lot of fun playing around with self-portraits, and enough of them came out with real “amateur cool appeal” that I began to wonder if long hair was really the way to go. It might just become a seasonal thing as the heat really gets to me. But for all of you who haven’t seen me in months, I figure I’ll share some of the best from my little photoshoot (alright, that’s a total lie – I totally dig the photos and wanted to share them because I thought I looked awesome!)


Since I still haven’t bothered to “go pro” on Flickr (hey, if they won’t get out of beta, why should I go pro? 😛 ), I can’t create another set. So just check them out under the self-portrait tag. Lisa also took a bunch while I was out, but I better run them by her before I post any. We finished up with some together shots, but they may be too disgustingly cute to post.

2 thoughts on “Vanity”

  1. I love ’em. Especially the blurry one. (Hmm… that sounds meaner than it’s meant.)

    Had I thought about it a little sooner, I should have had you come over so I could get some pictures of myself before i have the baby. Oh well.

  2. Don’t worry, I love the blurry ones, too. Now I’ve got to post the ones Lisa did, because she had even more fun with her poses.

    Three women involved with Lisa’s school were pregnant at the end of last year, and they all got some pictures taken by one of the teachers (who also dabbles in photography – enough to have a studio-like area). I thought it was a wonderful idea and would totally do it. Of course, it’s probably cutting it too close now – but if you’re feeling spontaneous this weekend, you can try giving me a call.

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