Dream sequence

Last night… wait, no, I was going to write this yesterday, so we’re actually talking about two nights ago. But that always sounds silly – what about Tuesday night? Wait, was that the night? I forget. How about a couple nights ago? No, that sounds stupid, too. I got it! The other night! That’s the start I was looking for – so just forget this first part…

The other night I had a dream. I tend not to remember most of my dreams, but this one stuck with me. I was in Times Square – you know, in New York City. And I had a small table setup with a bunch of my CDs. And I was sorting through them. And then Ludacris stopped by – which wasn’t really surprising. But then he tried to steal some of my CDs! He was all pretending to be friendly and whatnot, and the instant I turned my back he was trying to sneak some of my goods under his jacket. I was able to stop him, and he didn’t get all up in my grill or anything – but seriously, the nerve!

Now I’m left wondering what this dream means. Could it be that, much to my chagrin, I agree with much of the popular opinion that hip-hop artists “steal” their music? Maybe I took the movie Crash a tad too literal? Do I have a seep-seeded distrust of blacks? Or perhaps my subconscious is telling me that all of the time I waste sorting my CDs is “ludicrous”?

Sorry, that was way too long for such a lame joke. (But I really did have that dream)

3 thoughts on “Dream sequence”

  1. i couldn’t resist the crack, btw. it was the most tasteless thing i could logically connect to the story you told.

    ludacris stealing your music is no less logical than seeing sir mix a lot hit on chicks with big asses–you’re only given back to hip hop what it gives to you.

    and yes, i may know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but in reality, i am a wealthy man about town.

    i just love that at some point, “lamont cranston” made sense as the name of the alter ego of a vigilante. it speaks volumes about how much this country has changed.

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