Livejournal sidebar

I know most of my friends get this site through indieb0i_rss, and that’s totally cool. But I would like to remind them that I don’t get any notification of comments you leave on my posts through that – in case you were wondering why I don’t respond. There’s no easy way for me to check accept to go back through those entries every so often and see if there are any – not just inconvenient, but impractical. If you want to leave a comment on something I write, please click on the link at the top of those entries and leave them over here.

I really wish the kinds folks at Livejournal would fix the rather inconvenient problem of not being able to turn off comments on existing syndicated feeds. Perhaps I’ll try to attach a warning to entries as I’ve seen elsewhere – in the meantime I just wanted to make sure everybody knows what’s going on… um, that’s all.