Oh happy day

The new Pearl Jam album is here. Actually, it arrived last night in all of it’s glory – but that was a delivery from Ticketmaster that was supposed to be canceled. So I decided to be the good little boy and not rip right into it so that I could still try to get my money back. Thankfully, Pearl Jam often lets you download mp3s of purchases to listen to while waiting for said purchases to arrive (I really wish I could figure out how to cut some of the ‘to’s from that sentence). Unfortunately I couldn’t get the jave downloader to work last night at midnight. Not that I would have been able to listen to it at that point.

But this morning I fired up my browser and subsequently my Winamp when I got to work. They are one of the few bands that I really “rush” out to get their new albums. I remember driving out to the mall about 10 minutes before closing for Vitalogy. No Code came out in college, and I was thankful for the lack of classes the morning it came out. I even ran down to the radio station to debut the album for myself “live on the air” – not that anyone could hear. Oh what a feeling.

It’s not quite the same thing these days, but I’m regaining that joy of music that used to be so much more obvious in me. And the fact that the album rocks right from the first listen makes it that much more to get back into the swing of things…