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I seriously need to post a bunch today. Even this first one is a couple hours late. But everybody wants to know about the same things – how’s Jessie doing, how’s the wedding plans, how’s the house, oh, and how am I. That last one is of course at the bottom. I’ve got to cover each of these in greater detail, but the basic answers are: not any better but not really any worse either, just fine (with a touch of panic), just sitting there eating my money, and okay with a touch of allergies and body aches.

For now I’ll just brag about having run through another police blockade yesterday. Okay, not really. But remember how I tend to let my inspection go rather overdue? (Last year I was 13 or 14 months past) Yup, I’m a couple months late again thanks to my busted “Check Engine” light. Yesterday morning there was a cop standing in the middle of the road checking stickers. I’ve seen them a couple times the last month or so, but they were usually pretty avoidable. This guy was right around a bend, and I totally forgot to just pull into the deli there and pretend that was my destination.

So I figure I’m busted – not quite. He slows the big truck in front of the guy in front of me and then starts to wave him on. As we approach, he turns to stop a car coming from the other directions. By that time, the guy in front of me was driving by – I seized the opportunity and practically humped his bumper in order to slide through before the cop could turn around completely. Whaddya know, it worked! He looked down the street at me as I drove away, but I’m not sure if it’s because he half-noticed the sticker or if he was just annoyed at how I drove through without paying him any attention (or maybe he was noting my license plate number… crap). Regardless, he just let me go, and went about his business.

This morning I took the long way to work. 😛

UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon the cops setup a check point almost right outside Unigene’s parking lot. Fortunately Lisa swung by for lunch so we took her car. YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME COPPERS!

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